What does it cost?

One of the principal benefits of our digital CCTV system is that the total cost of ownership is much lower than for analoue cctv and the operating costs are a mere fraction.

The initial installation costs can be significantly reduced by careful design and a thorough site-survey.

There are many factors that may affect costs, so we recommend that you invite us along to walk through your premises with you so that we can give you a more accurate guide to help you with budgeting. Look at the cctv implementation page for further guidance.

We have listed the main factors that affect the cost of the system, all of which would be ascertained during a full site-survey:

Defining the objectives of the system
By concisely defining what the CCTV system has to achieve, only what is required

Age and type of building
New buildings often have cable-trays fitted in suspended ceilings, making cable runs relatively simple. Older buildings tend to have high ceilings and very little accommodation for cabling.

The layout of the building
If your building is compact with two or more floors, the cable routing is likely to be more simple than if it is spread over a large area on a single level.

The number of cameras
Intersecting corridors coinciding with an entrance could mean a single camera is able to cover three points of interest. Conversely, a labyrinth of remote corridors may each require a camera.

Existing network infrastructure
If you already have a network in place, there is a good chance that we can use some of your existing cabling instead of running new.

The available bandwidth of your existing network
If your network switches and cabling has sufficient unused bandwidth, we can use some of this instead supplying new equipment. If you currently have insufficient bandwidth for your current needs, we can improve this while installing new equipment and cabling.

Existing cameras
If you already have analogue cameras installed, we can integrate these into your new system. We have designed a range of conversion panels to facilitate this. As a guide, integrating 2 existing analogue cameras that are fitted and working equates to the cost of fitting 1 new digital camera.

The type of cameras
Three internal fixed dome cameras will cost about the same as one external high-level pan-tilt-zoom camera. One super-wide angle lens camera costs a little more than a fixed dome camera, but can do the work of three cameras.

Whether you already have PoE switches
Fitting PoE (power over Ethernet) cameras can significantly reduce cabling costs. If you already have PoE network switches in place, we can use these. If not, we may be able to use the cctv installation as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by upgrading your network switches.

Specific issues that you need to address
If you have very specific issues that you wish to address, such as an area of intense vandalism, this may increase the number of camera required, or the type of vandal-proof housing.

Presence of asbestos
Asbestos may require us to route cables differently, or contain cables in trunking.