Business zone

The Business Zone pages are being transferred from our old web-site to this new site, and are due to be updated during May 2010.

In the meantime, if you wish to discuss some of the following topics, please give us a call:

Some of the projects that have worked on for businesses:
- Network installation
- Digital dashboards - presenting your live business data to your employees' desktops
- Custom software development - from macros to stand-alone applications
- Data extraction - rapid collation of your data presented to you in a usable form
- Cost reduction - our unique method of discovering waste and hidden opportunity within your business
- Process improvement - your business has evolved, but have your processes evolved to be at their optimum?
- Problem solving - We apply our methodical and systematic approach to resolve any business problem
- GIS (Geographic information systems) - your sales & servicing data, live, overlaid on Google maps and Tom Tom
- Staff training - From simple PC usage through to complex data manipulation
- CCTV - overt and covert digital CCTV, on your desktop, PDA and phone.

We give free technology advice to your Senior Management Team
We enable your Senior Management Team to make informed decisions about investment in technology by presenting information in plain, simple, articulate English, free of geek-speak and techie-acronyms.

We have years of executive management experience at board level
We have many years of board-level management experience of PLCs, medium and small organisations. Our expertise is weighted towards operations, finance and technology.

We have thorough technical expertise and experience
Knowledge from the electronic component level right the way up to enterprise-wide management systems. The foundation of our knowledge stems from formal qualifications in electronic engineering, alongside years of industrial hardware, firmware and software development.

We deliver a solution that precisely matches your needs
We apply a simple, and highly effective process to everything we do: Understand: we take the time to fully understand your needs. Advise: we give you advice and ideas on potential solutions. Recommend: we will provide you with a proposal in plain English. Deliver: we take responsibility for fully managing delivery of the solution, and for quality assurance. Verify: we verify that the results fully meet your needs, and that we have exceeded your expectations.

Our service encompasses everything technical
The scope of our expertise is very broad. We can provide everything from concept through to final sign-off, or we can provide a small subset of this. Where nature of a project requires us to engage partners to assist us, we use our vendor appraisal experience to identify suitable vendors and cultivate relationships with them to ensure that whoever we work with is able to meet our own requirements, and in turn, yours.