What we do for you

To help you to ensure you are achieving the best value from your investment in projectors, we recommend that you follow this process:

We conduct a free survey of all of your projectors.
We'll come to your school and conduct a complete assessment of all your projectors, including image brightness, image quality, image defects, mount type, projector make and model, lamp hours, projector hours, ambient light, misalignment and any other notable defects.

We will provide you with a report on the condition of each one.
This gives you a complete and objective map of the condition of each projector, and will enable you to take an objective view of what the priorities are. We have developed a scoring method to ensure this report is not subjective.

We provide you with a recommended action plan
We will use our experience and data collected from the report to provide you with a prioritised action-plan to get the most from your projectors. This plan covers immediate remedial actions through to longer-term replacements over the coming years, which will enable you to accurately budget. As you will see from 'why is my projector dim?', there are many factors that affect the image output of the projector as they get older. Some may require no action at all. Others may require a simple filter clean, a full optics cleanse at the Projector Clinic or a lamp change. Some projectors may require replacement.

We meet to agree a timetable of work
The report and plan enable you to plan a schedule of work to fit around your timetable and budget. Once this programme is established, you are free to hand responsibility for carrying out the work to us. You can leave us to liaise with premises staff to arrange access and out of hours tasks.

We carry-out the work in accordance with the agreed plan
Whether it's a simple clean, a full optics clean at the Projector Clinic, or a projector replacement, we will carry out the work with minimal disruption to teaching. We are accustomed to scheduling our operations around school schedules whether that is at the end of a school day or over a school holiday.

We will keep you fully informed of progress
As we complete each task, we will update the report so that the condition of each projector and the long-term budget is accurate.

Call us on 0844 414 2802 to arrange a visit.