What is it going to cost?

The survey
We provide a full survey of your whole school free of charge, and we normally do this at the end of the school day so that teaching is not disrupted.

The condition report
The report on the condition of each projector is free of charge. We use an objective scoring system to ensure that we give you an impartial view that you can validate.

The plan of action
We provide you with a plan free of charge, but more importantly, we ensure that our recommendations provide you with best value. If we don't think a projector needs replacing, we will say so. If we don't think an optics cleanse will be beneficial, we will say so.

Optics cleanse
We have simple pricing plan for a professional optics cleanse, which is £110. This can be an overnight service on a projector-by projector basis during term time, or during school holidays. The price is fully inclusive of removal and re-fitting, and will potentially save you the c£600 cost of replacing a projector.

Projector replacement
Inevitably, when you come to replace your projector, it is very unlikely that the same model will be available. Alternatives usually have different zoom ratios, different lens positions, different power connectors, different mounting positions. Potentially, you will need a new mount fitted in a different position and some cables replaced. We will use our best endeavours to minimise each of these, even to the extent of re-engineering the projector mount. By doing this we can keep project replacement costs to a minimum.