Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy budget lamps for my projector?
Budget lamps are made to a lower standard than manufacturers' lamps because their manufacture is entirely cost-driven. This means that the internal electrodes will deteriorate faster, and light output is likely to diminish sooner. Our recommendation is to use manufacturers' lamps if you expect your projector to last another two years, and use budget lamps if not.

A company has approached me to do an on-site optics clean. Should I use them?
We would counsel you to use caution, as it is unlikely that some basic precautions will be met on-site. The projector is a precise opto-electronic instrument. When handling the PCBs, they must be protected against electrostatic discharge by employing ESD precautions, or the life of the electronics may be shortened or terminated. The optics engine is extremely delicate, and the fragile dichroic glass can be easily damaged. Think "tweezers and lab-coat" rather than "tool-bag and steps".

I have a maintenance contract with a company - doesn't that cover an optics cleanse?
A projector maintenance contract would normally cover a filter-clean, blowing dust out of the casing, and re-alignment of the image with the interactive whiteboard. It is done on-site and will take around 30 minutes. An optics cleanse takes between 4 and 5 hours to complete and had to be done under controlled conditions.

Can I clean the optics myself?
You can, but remember that you will need ESD protection, a clean-room, an ultrasonic cleaner, specialist tools and around 5 hours labour time. For these reasons, we would not recommend it.

Can I replace projectors myself?
From bitter experience, we know that replacing a projector is straightforward ONLY if you are replacing it with an identical model. Your projector mount, its lateral position, its distance from the whiteboard and the electrical connectors would have been fitted to suite the specific model of projector. If you replace it with a different model, all of those factors may change.