We work to BECTA's standards

Why we have adopted BECTA's standard
All our work meets the standards set-out in BECTA's Technical Specification for Institutional Infrastructure. We share BECTA's view, which is that a well designed and maintained infrastructure is key to an institution's ability to deliver a highly effective ICT resource to the learner, educator and administrator.

The need for a consistent approach
Implementing a network infrastructure to known and ratified standards is the best way to ensure that a school's ICT infrastructure can evolve and expand in a sustainable and coherent manner, helping to ensure seamless interoperability between ICT resources. Interoperability will be paramount as schools move towards ever more integrated learning environments.

The need for reliability
The school's ICT infrastructure must be reliable. An unreliable infrastructure is unlikely to enhance the learning experience or aid the educator. It will become a frustration to learners, educators and administrators alike if devices, applications and services cannot be relied upon. Ensuring that the infrastructure meets Becta’s technical specification will greatly aid reliability. The specification does not recommend particular manufacturers, but there is an implied requirement to use reliable components. At TAS, we will only use critical components with proven reliability, such as HP switches.

Specific BECTA requirements
Below is a sample selection of some of the requirements in the standard:
- the network shall be of a star/tree design
- managed switches shall be used
- an Ethernet based wired solution shall be used as the primary network
- new cabling shall have the ability to support data rates up to 1Gbps
- every network interface cards connected to the network shall support data rates of at least 100Mbs
- before a WLAN is implemented, a feasibility study should be done
- Routing and switching cabinets shall be locked and keys strictly controlled
- Network cabling should be protected from unauthorised interception or damage by utilising wall cavities and space behind walls wherever possible.

How TAS can help you
The BECTA requirements are very detailed and specific, and are necessarily technical. With our technical understanding, we will help you to meet the requirements without you having to become embroiled in the technical detail. As always, our conversations with you about the network and any recommendations will be in plain English.