The process from design to completion

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Initial meeting
At our initial meeting, we will have an informal discussion to understand your requirements and to give you some ideas. At this stage we will try to establish as much basic detail as possible, such as the area you wish to use, the number of students you wish to accommodate, whether you wish to use laptop or desktop PCs, whether you will re-use existing seating, etc.

Site-survey and CAD drawing
We will conduct a full site-survey using a laser-measure and CAD to draw the existing area in as much detail as possible. This will take between 1 and 3 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the area.

Design the ICT suite
Using the information that we gathered at our initial meeting and the CAD drawing, we will design the ICT suite to exactly match your needs in terms of function, appearance and budget. If the area is an unconventional shape or has significant space constraints, we will produce a 3D visualisation of the suite to verify that we are gaining optimum use of the available space.   

We will send a proposal to you showing the design and the detail of how the ICT suite will be constructed. If possible, we will go through it with you in person so that we can both resolve any queries we may have.    

When you are happy with the proposal, tell us you wish to go ahead, and we will agree an installation date with you. From this point onwards, we will take responsibility for the installation through to completion.

Installation planning
As part of the management of the project, we will liaise with your premises staff and IT support to ensure that the area is prepared prior to installation (clearing desks and chairs from a classroom, for example). We will carry-out a risk assessment at this stage, and may visit site again to gather some of the finer detail about the electricity supply and your network. We will procure all the materials needed and co-ordinate the various trades to ensure everything arrives on-site on the appointed day, at the appointed time.

From the start of the installation through to completion, the on-site project manager ensures that the project plan is followed precisely, and that everyone understands exactly what is required. Time spent on the CAD drawing and gathering detail will pay dividends here.

The electrical wiring is tested and certified to IEE Wiring Regulations Edition 17, and the network tested and certified to TIA/EIA-568-B.
PC set-up
If you are supplying your own PCs or laptops, we will un-box them and set them up in the ICT suite. We are happy to configure the PCs, although this is usually carried out by IT support staff or County IT support.

Ready to use
Your new ICT suite is now ready for students to use!