Features and benefits

We have years of experience in furniture manufacture and are therefore able to design a solutions and source the component parts directly from manufacturers, cutting out layers of margin that add cost. Off-the-shelf systems have all those layers of margin built in to the price.    

Made to measure design
We design the ICT suite to make the best possible use of the space that you have available, often in innovative ways. We take laser-measurements of your target area and draw it using CAD while we are on site. This enables us to give you an accurate specification and adhere to it during the installation, with no hidden surprises.

We take responsibility for everything right through to completion
From the moment you contact us the to the moment we present you with the finished article, we will look after every aspect. You won't need to worry about managing electricians, carpenters or network engineers because all the trades involved are employed by us and under our direct control. We project-manage every installation and liaise with your premises team throughout.

We specify robust materials, suitable for a school environment
The materials we use are robust and the construction methods assume the worst. From almost indestructible melamine-face chipboard to legs that are bolted into the floor, our aim is to create a beautifully finished product that will stand the test of time.

We include your specific requirements into the design
Every school is different, and every room within a school is different. One size does not fit all. Because we design your ICT suite to fit your space, we are not faced with the compromises that off-the-shelf products are faced with. If you have a small wall in the way, we will, design around it. If your d
écor is a particular colour, we will compliment it. If you have a very unconventionally shaped room, we will make the best use of it. If you have acoustic issues, we will resolve them.

You will be able to fit more students into your area than with an off-the-shelf product
Designing to fit your available space ultimately results in a higher number of students in the area that with off-the-shelf products. This means more student-hours in front of PCs and possibly less staff cover from split classes.