Why choose Technology Advisory Service?

We have extensive education experience
Schools are fundamentally different environments to any other commercial or public organisation - there are virtually no parallels between the needs of the two. At TAS, we have partnered with one of the largest schools in the country to conduct a 12 month study in the practical daily operation of a CCTV system in a large school. We have conducted reviews of many incidents to hone our knowledge of the most effective camera positions and specifications. This has built a bank of knowledge that no other CCTV company can attain, and for our customers, results in a best-value solution as a result.

We have an open approach from start to finish
We believe that our success comes through forming life-long, trusting relationships with customers. Our approach is to be completely open in all our conversations and interactions with you.

One size does not fit all
From our dealings with fiercely competitive industry over many years, we have learned that the path to success is in providing solutions to problems. In plain English, this means that we take the time to learn from you exactly what issues you wish to address, and then design a solution to precisely address those issues.

We don't pressure-sell
A pressured sale is an own-goal in a working relationship where openness is required and longevity is desired. Our emphasis is upon providing you with all the information and answers you need to be able to make an informed buying decision with confidence.

Our technical knowledge is second to none
We have extensive technical knowledge and experience across a number of fields. In particular, we have the requisite expertise in photography, electronics, computing, network administration and project management, which means we can attack any issue from first principles.

We use plain English
Our purpose is to convey information concisely, accurately and in a form that you readily comprehend. We are the technical experts, and as such, are able to translate our knowledge into normal English to help you make truly informed decisions.

We do everything for you
We take full responsibility for all activities relating to implementing your CCTV system. We will liaise with your premises staff and ICT support functions, and will manage all contractors who may be involved. We will be your single point of contact so that you are free from distraction.

We regularly work in schools
A number of trades are involved in CCTV installation: Network engineers, electrical installers, builders and technicians. We absolutely insist that everyone we work with observes high standards of behaviour and respect. We only work with people who we know well, and have been CRB checked (which we will replace with ISA Registration from July 2010).
We provide best value
We provide unparalleled value in two ways; Firstly, we keep a low overhead which we pass on. Second, we only specify exactly what you require so you pay only for what you need.

We are very adaptable
We will fit around you to create the minimum of disruption. We can fit around your term-times, teaching times, work out of hours, and even daily between the end of school and when the cleaners finish for the day.

We are CHAS accredited
We take health & safety very seriously, and have a robust health & safety management system in place which has been audited and accredited by CHAS. We pay particular regard to child and staff safety and conduct a documented risk-assessment on every project we do on every school site to ensure risks to ourselves and others are minimised.

We provide on-site project-management
For all but the most simple of projects, we provide an on-site project manager who is responsible for ensuring that work is carried out precisely in accordance with your requirements. They make sure that personnel involved fully understand the project specification, that work is carried out in accordance with that specification, that queries can are resolved as they arise, and that all parties are working in a coordinated way.